Message from Gautam Mahajan

The idea for the Creating Value movement came from Gautam Mahajan and Prof. Peter Stokes after the first Global Conference on Creating Value in Leicester in 2018. Peter Stokes and Gautam Mahajan were co chairs. Peter Stokes states: “The CVA was established in 2019, founded by Gautam Mahajan and Professor Peter Stokes, and was a born from a desire to galvanize the growing interest, and evolving ideas, around value creation (VC). The CVA aims to create a forum for people and organizations interested in adopting, developing and, most importantly, implement VC.”

Creating Value Alliance is meant to get more people involved with value creation, to exchange ideas and improve value creation techniques in life and in business.

Please do join the Creating Value Alliance, CreatingValue.co, and contribute to yourself and creating value.

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