Together we stand as an International Alliance, Help grow the Creation of Value and Spread the Value Creation mindset.

About Creating Value Alliance

The Creating Value Alliance (CVA) was established in 2019, founded by Gautam Mahajan and Professor Peter Stokes

It was born from a desire to galvanize the growing interest, and evolving ideas, around value creation (VC). The CVA aims to create a forum for people and organizations interested in adopting, developing and, most importantly, implement VC.

The Creating Value Alliance (CVA) promotes the Global Conferences on Creating Value and also promotes the Journal of Creating Value.

The JCV has Phil Kotler, Jag Sheth, Steve Vargo, Youji Kohda, Christian Gronroos, Hermann Simon. Jim Spohrer, V. Kumar and others on the Board.

We are associated with the Centre for Social Value Creation at the U of Maryland, and the Value Creation Wheel Lab at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. We helped start the Value School at Kobe University, Japan, The Creating Value School at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the Value Research Center at Doshisha University in Japan and the Creating Value Centre in Denmark.
The Creating Value Alliance is an international association that unites business leaders, policy makers, advisors and academics. Together we further value creation by governments, institutions, businesses, and individuals through sharing thoughts, knowledge and good practices on value creation, develop capabilities and to educate, advice and act accordingly. Together we disseminate a Value Creation mindset. The Creating Value Alliance has active members in an increasing number of countries including India, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Germany, Australia, Netherlands among others.

We help companies and executives to institutionalise value creation in a holistic and focused fashion across the company showing up as differentiation, innovation, business excellence, better pricing discipline, superior values, improved customer focus etc. We wish to help companies do this in an organised manner so that everyone thinks of creating value, especially for the customer and thereby for the company. In essence help business leaders’ lose sleep over customer data just as they do over the financial data. Therefore companies and their leadership should capture and use customer data with the same level of understanding, discipline and passion as they have for financial data. We wish to help individual executives think about creating value and how to recognise the value they are or could be creating.

Our Philosophy

We all seek value for ourselves, as well as for our businesses and for our society. However, because we are so immersed in our day-to-day functional management, we often overlook opportunities for value creation, possibly to the detriment of our businesses and societal needs. Successful organizations and leaders create value for their eco-systems which include themselves, customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.
This happens mostly unconsciously, yet there are challenges in gauging and assessing ‘value’ and its impact. The Creating Value Alliance is an international movement to increase our understanding of the concept of value and, moreover, to find and promote ways of creating value consciously and more abundantly (and destroy less value). This, in turn, will allow us to operate more effectively, to build social value and to thrive and be ready for the challenges of a constantly changing and disruptive world.

– Gautam Mahajan

Creating Value Alliance Leaders