Creating Value School at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology†) was founded in October 1990 as the first independent national graduate school in Japan. A total of about 1,200 master’s and doctoral students are engaged in research activities in the disciplines of Knowledge Science, Information Science, and Material Science. JAIST’s main campus is in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, where more than 50% of the students are international students. JAIST has also a Tokyo Satellite in Minato-ku, Tokyo. The Tokyo Satellite is aimed at working professionals (students who have completed their undergraduate or graduate studies and are now in the workforce). At the satellite, there are approximately 250 master’s and doctoral students. As they are working professionals, the students have an extreme interest in creating value.

JAIST currently confers two degrees at the Tokyo Satellite: Knowledge Science and Information Science. Apart from the degrees, JAIST issues certificates for program completion. The current programs are the Management of Technology (MOT) Program, the Management of Services (MOS) Program, and the IoT Innovation Program. We have a plan to add a new program that focuses on creating value. The new program development requires careful preparation and takes time. Although it has not been determined yet, we assume that the program will begin in April 2022. As part of the preparatory work, we are considering starting a trial version of a new lecture on creating value from April 2021. In addition, we envision a one-day, “round-the-world” presentation workshop‡ in collaboration with the other Creating Value Schools.

Kobe University Value School

Kobe University Value School (V. School) is an interdisciplinary school which can bridge among various graduate schools and in Kobe University and society for co-creating new value. School develops new education for creating value under the concept that value has two aspects, value emergence and value design. The school imparts knowledge about value to students and give opportunities for thinking about value with professors from various research fields including philosophy, engineering, system informatics, agriculture, literature, business, economics, medicine and so on. V. School gives a certificate at the end of a one-or two-year program.

Director of V. School is Prof Katsuhiko Kokubu (Vice-president of Kobe University), along with associate directors Prof Hisashi Tamaki and Prof Kenji Kutsuna. Professors Takayuki Sakai, Hiroki Tsuruta and Keiko Gion manage the Value School. And Professors from various departments join the School: Prof Alexander Ronni (International Corporation), Prof Atsushi Iizuka (Engineering), Prof Hiroshi Uchida (Business Administration), Prof Shuichi Okada (Human Development and Environment), Prof Makoto Kikuchi (System Informatics), Prof Takashi Kita (Engineering), Prof Atsushi Koike (Engineering), Prof Ichiro Nagasaka (Literature), Prof Masaya Nakatsuka (Agriculture), Prof Takashi Nishida (Intercultural Studies), Prof Kimitaka Nishitani (Economics and Business Administration), Prof Takumi Fukumoto (Medicine), Prof Nobutada Fujii (System Informatics), Prof Fuikazu Morimura (Business Administration), Prof Kazuhiko Yamamoto (Science & Tech Innovation), Prof Kazuhiro Harada (Human Development and Environment), Prof Masaki Kumano (Innovation Commercialization Division), and Guest professors are Hirofumi Ueda (LeaGLO), Masakazu Sato (Japan & India Project Design), and Yukio Yasukawa (Ikinasekai). The School was started at April 2020. As of October 2020, about 70 students registered as member of V. School.

For joining our V. School, you can contact to us on URL ( You can join some open lectures including Value Creation Salon, International Value Creation Lecture by Mr Gautam Mahajan, and so on, but just now we limit member to Kobe university students only.

Value Research Center, Doshisha University, Kyoto

The Value Research Center was officially established at Doshisha University in Kyoto Japan in November 2021. The purpose of this research center is to research and develop a system for measuring, monitoring, assessing and reporting on value creation and destruction impacts that organizations make on various stakeholder groups including (1) the organization itself, as well as its (2) shareholders or owners, (3) customers, (4) employees, (5) partners, the (6) society within which it operates and (7) the planet. (submitted by Prof. Philip Sugai)