Customer Value and Sales Research Centre at Aalborg University Business School, Denmark

This Centre is affiliated with the Marketing and Sales Management Program, focusing on Value creation at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

The purpose of the Customer Value and Sales Research centre is to create a forum for dialogue, knowledge exchange and innovation related to value co-creation in sales. We are organizing a global organization of world leading researchers in marketing and sales and our administrative hub is at Aalborg Business School.

As societal challenges develop and change, there is a growing need to reconceptualize and broaden the notion of value and better understand how sales processes can contribute to value co-creation as perceived by buyers, sellers and society at large. By emphasizing the role of co-creation in sales, we challenge the prevailing paradigm of viewing consumers as passive recipients and producers as creators of value. Co-involving customers, business and society as co-creators of value opens for different idea of sales, which potentially have consequences for the way market exchange, production, consumption and retail is organized and managed. A forum for dialogue and collaboration between leading sales research and practice can lead the way into the next generation of sales management.

Vision (our purpose) We want to promote and facilitate a new integrating dialogue for innovative value co-creation in sales, involving leading partners in business and academia

Mission (how we do it) We attract world-leading academics and business people within the field of marketing and sales management to Aalborg University Business School and organize seminars and meetings and conduct research in the area of value, sales and co-creation. We conduct research in sales management, the dynamic alignment and co-creation of value in business eco-systems and the internal organizational processes connecting buyers and sellers. We convey our findings through seminars, research projects and contributions in academic and management journals.

The centre is backed by an advisory board consisting of business leaders and researchers for Denmark, Finland, India and France to ensure an international outlook. Currently the centre is planning first activities for early 2021 in the form of webinars, seminars and collaborative research projects. Please contact Karina Burgdorff Jensen at for more information about the centre and future activities.